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Kodak Companies Retirement Services

2020 KRIP Annual Funding Notice

For many current and former Kodak employees, their retirement benefits have become more complex over the years. Company spin-offs, bankruptcy concerns and constant changes to qualified plans have left families with questions that need answers.  Our specialized expertise and experience navigating Kodak specific benefits, such as SIP and KRIP, allow us to provide our clients with confidence and clarity as we uncover these answers together. 

At T.R.U.E Financial Guides we have an in-house expert that knows the questions to ask to advise you on the best strategy for your unique circumstance.

Do you want to maximize your Kodak Retirement? How to take KRIP? We can help!

Our team was trained and worked with former Kodak retirement benefit counselors giving us insight into Kodak's SIP, KRIP and retirement benefits unlike most firms.  We know Kodak benefits and the meaningful impact that they have on your financial security! That is why we developed our: Kodak Companies Retirement services team to provide guidance and advice relative to Kodak, Carestream and Kodak Alaris Benefits.

Should you take the full lump sum, partial lump sum and partial annuity, or full annuity?  What risks are associated with your retirement benefits if Kodak goes bankrupt for good?  What should you do with your SIP and how does Kodak's solvency affect SIP and KRIP?  Get your answers today.

Kodak, Carestream and Kodak Alaris Benefits are not affiliated with either Mutual Securities, Inc. or Mutual Advisors, LLC DBA T.R.U.E. Financial Guides.